Thanks, Instagram

Thanks, Instagram

“People are losing their minds over Instagram’s impending feed change, and I don’t blame them. Change in real life is scary shit — but change in social media worlds? Traumatizing.” As told by Van at who’s calling the whole ordeal “Algorithmaggedon.”

I’ll admit I was freaked out by Instagram’s capitalistic decision. I already get stressed when I miss my friends pics and have to like them three days, or months, later. Now everyone is forced to be most creative to earn their likes and spotlight on personal feeds. Yay… because it wasn’t hard enough already.

And post notifications are just another nightmare waiting to destroy your phones and already lacking attention. I turned them on for Kylie and regretted it two hours later when she posted four pictures in an hour. I can’t tell you what I missed the last half of class.

What’s hilarious though: I thought Instagram was already doing this for a year now but could never prove it. Conspiracy? Now I feel like I was right and they just released the news to us.

Photography by Madison McCormick

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